Glare & Fade

If left unchecked, sun can also be destructive to fabrics and furnishings. Fabric colors will fade and wood floors will certainly lose their luster under the daily beating direct sunlight can deliver. Advanced Window Solutions, LLC is the area's leading installer of Glare and Fade Protection window film. Call us today at 914-734-7300 or email us at:

Building owners are in search of solutions for their serious glare issues. In New York, as in much of the rest of the country, many are setting up shop right in their homes. But setting up a home office necessitates an environment conducive to productivity. Publicity professional Sophie Ryan faced a common problem as she moved her business into her home. Ryan had a spare bedroom. However the room had one big problem. It had large windows that faced the East which afforded a magnificent view of the East River and Long Island. But the windows also allowed strong sunlight to pour though the glass from dawn to dusk.

Apart from the fading problems caused by the sun's ultraviolet light and heat build up, the glare made the office and computer impossible to use. During the day, the computer screen became almost unreadable and the television screen faded into obscurity. "I was at my wits end. This was the only space suitable for my work. I loved my views and I shuddered at the thought of blocking my view with blinds or draperies," Sophie Ryan said and went on to express how delighted she was when she read about solar control window film.

Candace Leeds, Vice-President of Public Affairs, Loews Corporation, was having an attack of fading worries. The furnishings in her recently renovated Fifth Avenue apartment, the same building in which Elizabeth Taylor filmed her Oscar-winning movie "Butterfield Eight," were losing their vibrant colors. The sofa was shades lighter and the dining table, piano and wood floors were dull and losing their color. The solution? Vista Window Film. Read the case study: Night and Day Vista Sustains Spectacular Views.


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