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As much as we all love the sun, we also know how damaging and dangerous exposure to the sun can be. Discomforting glare and heat are the most obvious, but exposure to UV rays has also been associated by the medical community with premature aging of skin as well as some skin cancers, including melanoma. (See Health Effects)

Cities around the country are recognizing the benefits of energy saving measures like those afforded by Vista window film. The intensity of the California sun is always a challenge for builders.

"There were big fluctuations in the building's temperature depending on where the sun was shining during the day and our energy costs were going through the roof," said David Parsons at the Peri Executive Center in Walnut Creek, California. To solve the problem, Parsons installed 30,000 square feet of Vista window film. The results?

"The benefits were immediate. We were able to equalize the building's micro-climate and the view at night was preserved. The film has given the building an improved and more uniform exterior appearance. There is a dramatic decrease in utility costs (approximately 12-15%) and more balance between hot and cold spots within tenant suites." (Read the full Case Study: (Controlling the Hot California Sun)

At an altitude of 5,280 feet above sea level, the City of Denver is subject to extreme cold in the winter, and severe heat and sun in the summer. As a result, buildings have a huge need for heat in the winter and absorb excessive heat in the summer, which in turn requires cooling systems to work longer and harder. Read more here... To cope, city officials authorized the fitting of solar control window films on most of the City's properties. Because of this and other ongoing energy conservation efforts, the Environmental Protection Agency honored the city and county with a Certificate of Merit for Innovative Technology... Learn here (Read the full Case Study: City of Denver Saves Thousands Annually)


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