Residential Window Film for New York Area Home Owners

Residential Window Film for New York Area Home Owners

Window film shields you and your home without diminishing your outside view. Our film helps reduce sun damage to your interior, while preserving the vibrant colors of drapes and upholstery, furniture, works of art, rugs and wood floors. Ultra-violet radiation is the major contributor to the fading of your precious interiors. A professional window film installtion blocks 99.9% of these harmful rays while maintaining the integrity of the windows.

Additionally, the average home that installs window film will make back their investment within 3-4 years. In the winter, the film acts as a thermal barrier, thus reducing the heat loss from the interior of the home. In the summer, the film will absorb the heat at the source (the windows) and reduce the heat that enters the room. This will allow the cooling system to run more efficiently, and achieve a constant regulated temperature. Protect your investments, let us help! Call today to learn more about the window film products and services we offer or New York area residents.

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